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The Various Features Of Animal Jam

The environment is on a continuous decline. The depleting resources, the degrading animal condition, all of the people need to be made aware of. When I say people, I mean the educating the population in general. From a five-year-old to a 50-year-old need to be made aware of the condition that is prevalent and how hard sustenance is in nature and for nature. So when I got a scope to try out the latest animal jam, I did not have to give much of thought before downloading it. Specially designed for children, the game follows an educative format and helps children understand the value of nature and animals.

The game provides a lot of interactive learning opportunity from what I understood. The game was developed in partnership with the national geographic channel.  The game has a high-quality media content that allows kids to learn the animal life better along with their habitats and characteristics. I was happy to see the little nudges of information that flashed on the screen with every passing level. Another factor that works for the game is its interactive ability.  I could interact with my fellow players comfortably which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

The process of the game initiation is quite simple. I was required to sign up using my email id and a confirmation link was sent in the same for my approval and Id validation. I had to be prompt in responding to the email because a delay of more than 14 days would deactivate the link. On getting over with all the necessary agreement, I had to create an account for the game. While setting the password name, it came to my notice that any word that might be remotely double meaning was not accepted. I thought that this was a good way to have control of the inappropriate language the child may be exposed to.

I had to get my characters to function by pointing and clicking at the desired routes. The characters are open to customization as per the player’s choice.  The game is free to play, and there are mainly two main currencies, animal jam gems, and animal jam diamonds. I had subscribed to the game that gave me an added advantage of personalized nameplates, more than two character spaces. The best part of the game was completing levels with an individual score is not a benchmark qualifier for the second round. I just had to cross the levels to improve my courage meter in the game.

I faced various adventures while in the game. There were certain small texts that I had to understand to go ahead with the adventure. The characters are movable, and hence I could avoid the monsters present in the game efficiently. To combat the monsters, I could put them in the Venus fly traps to be relished. The objective of the game is simple but the way the game progresses from one level onto others is interesting and keeps the players hooked. How to proceed in the game is given in the form of bubble clue to make it easier for beginners to make their experience a memorable one.

Post by animaljam23456 (2016-11-26 10:58)

Tags: animal jam tricks animal jam guide

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